When You’re Stuck in an Elevator….

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Can you stand out in 60 seconds or less?

You’ve heard of the elevator pitch– the idea is, you’re  in an elevator with someone, and you only have those few minutes before they get to their floor to give a short persuasive speech about an idea, product, or your business.  Before you know it, the elevator doors separate and that potential client, investor, or employer is walking away.  You’ve lost you’re captive audience!  Did you leave a lasting impression?  How can they follow-up with you?  How well did you sell YOUR BRAND?

How important is business branding?  The ability to stand out from your competition is imperative.  Having a distinct and professional image for your business can be the difference between a thriving and growing venture and a struggling one.  You have confidence in your product and that confidence should be easily displayed.

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Let’s face it, we’re all busy people.  We want our information to be easily accessible and concise.  The concept of an elevator pitch has evolved over time.  These days there are a myriad of tools that can be utilized to make those quick encounters more impressive and  memorable.  Your potential clients need to feel confident in the fact that you are truly invested in your success and theirs!

Business cards and brochures are simple tools for direct, face to face contact.  Fortunately, technology has simplified connecting  your unique brand with potential customers, on a much larger scale.  Websites, pitch deck presentations, and social media platforms are but a few of those means.  Are you taking advantage of all of these resources?

In a Small Business Trends magazine article entitled 10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail, three of the reasons listed for business failure were:

  1. Failure to advertise and market.
  2. Lack of differentiation
  3. Unwillingness to delegate

APUS Virtual Business Solutions, LLC can help you avoid all of those pitfalls.  Our customized business branding packages can help you stand out and market your business.  Utilizing our services lets you focus on  your business by leaving those tasks that drain your time up to us.  Contact APUS Virtual Business Solutions, LLC today and let us help you stay on the path to success.

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