Why Mediation?

As a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation is highly effective.  Mediation can be utilized in a broad spectrum of non-criminal conflicts.  Some of the benefits of utilizing mediation include: 

  • Lower Cost when compared with litigation and court fees
  • There is more confidentiality with mediation as the outcomes are not a matter of public record.
  • The parties participating in the mediation decide the outcome, therefore they have full control of their resolution.
  • A neutral third party can facilitate direct communication between the parties.

  • When compared to lawsuits, mediation can be completed in a fraction of the time.  Mediation is most often completed within hours, as opposed to weeks or even years with a lawsuit.

Who Can Use Mediation?


Disputes  occur among team members, stakeholders, and even business partners.  Mediation can bring resolution


A neutral third party can be beneficial when dealing with sensitive family conflicts.


Mediation ensures that each party in a community dispute is heard and mutually beneficial resolution can take place

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